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How do you know? What are you reading? Is this French? Will you have dinner with me? Give me a coffee, please. I didn't know about it until I read the paper. Thanks. I can't believe you remembered that. I helped him with his homework. I don't have any children. What time did you wake up?
8 Mile: - That's not how I see it.
- Hi Karen. You look upset, what's wrong?
- She advised him not to go.
- I'm ashamed to ask you such a silly question.
- Sure. Is there a problem?
- Oh thanks for inviting me. I'd love to come.
- I like chocolate.
- I sat in the front of the bus.
- I arrived at school on time.
- I hurt my elbow.
The man got mad when his wife called him names. Who's that girl? You shouldn't eat anything cold. He got off at the next bus stop. Your number please. Don't lose heart. It's October the third. Mary can speak Japanese. He didn't study at all. Let's leave it up to him.

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