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Are you losing your mind? I only eat meat from animals that I have personally killed and butchered. She's really tall. Do you know her? Do you know where your father went? I couldn't go out on account of the bad weather. She came from Canada to see me. I shouldn't have drunk that last bottle of beer. The men are wearing short sleeves. It's starting to cool off. I only spent three dollars.
Octopus: - I like listening to music.
- She heard him scream, so she ran into his bedroom.
- Expiration date.
- That's not how I see it.
- Is this love?
- Half the students were absent.
- We should be very careful.
- You like it, don't you?
- He loves trains.
- She wrote to him to tell him that she loved him.
When did you get home? I don't go to school by bus. I had him paint the gate last week. I expect to come. How do you account for that? It looks like you all had a nice time. She spent some time in Boston. The Prime Minister will hold a press conference tomorrow. I'm not afraid. Did you go to Berlin?

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