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I have a previous engagement at ten. Can you translate this for me? He's really selfish. I like listening to music. How do I get there? I'm looking forward to touring bookstores in the US. This book seems easy to me. She bought him a camera that was too big to fit in his shirt pocket. These things aren't mine! Dinner is ready.
Himnario Adventista: - Will you have another cup of tea?
- She first met him in Boston.
- Tom kept talking all night.
- What do you need this money for?
- I often refer to the dictionary.
- You should get some exercise.
- I like to play basketball. Are you good at it?
- I leave at 9.15.
- I have no problem.
- He's an American.
She gave me a bag made of leather. I got divorced. Are you ready to go? It's an old one. It makes me feel old. When I was in college they use to play it on the radio all the time. I have to iron my shirt. Please wait for me. I will pick him up at the station. She talked him into going to the concert. I don't shampoo my hair in the morning. It's my favorite food.

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